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AI and the Future of Creative Pursuits

With the emergence of AI, creative pursuits such as writing, art, and gaming are being revolutionized. AI has the potential to create content that is on par with human-generated content. AI-powered blog generators can create articles based on a set of keywords, while AI-powered games can generate levels in real-time.

AI is also being used to create art. It can be used to generate images and videos that are indistinguishable from those created by humans. Moreover, it can also be used to enhance existing works of art by adding new elements or changing existing ones.

Some of you may have heard recently of the backlash against someone who made a children’s book with an AI-written story and art. Or the outcry of artists who feel threatened by AI-driven art, and of course, High on Life. Many people are troubled by the rise in AI-powered technology, but I can say that as a tool. I think it can do so much.

Video games, blogging, writing, art, all of it can be used as the tool that inspires, or even elevates a traditional experience. Not focusing on anything else that AI can be useful for, one might say that AI is threatening or maybe tap into the movies that suggest AI is how we destroy ourselves, but we neglect to recall that copying the masters was a thing of art for centuries. Plagiarism was a way to prove skill.

Yet, I choose to see it another way. AI writing? I’ve had severe writer’s block at times. Imagine generating a fragment of a paragraph that could make you look at all the different ways you could take that little fragment and make it into something wonderful, often you can ditch that scrap entirely and make it entirely yours.

Art, many people complain, is based on stolen art or that you can steal art from artists, but imagine instead taking a half-finished piece you worked on and seeing what it could look like. Or Entering a string of words and getting a badass character for DND night.

I envision a world where AI can be a good tool that can augment our skills and make content that is elevated above what we could do alone. Like content creation in general, collaboration can make something memorable that pops. Am I saying let the AI do 100% of everything? No. The best way I can say it is like what Solas in Dragon Age Inquisition says about blood magic. It’s fine if it remains a tool and not a crutch. 

I, for one, am very interested to see what the future of AI brings to the things I enjoy, and that, presumably, we all enjoy.

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