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Being Grounded

Grounded is a game that I have been extremely into as of late. I actually find myself awake until 3 in the morning trying to wrap up one more mission through the back yard.

What drew me into this game in the beginning was the idea that you are living the imagination of a kid playing in their backyard. I can remember as a kid playing outside imagining what life is like for bugs like ants or the roly polies.

I have not yet completed all of the story in the game, but I will in time. The main reason I haven't is because I have taken my time to enjoy a lot of what the game has to offer. That and I tend to like to be prepared before moving ahead, and in this game you never truly know what to be prepared for until you experience it.

Crafting in this game is very creative. You have to find and analyze materials in order to craft things that use that material. You can also eventually buy the knowledge to craft certain things with Raw Science. You can also use Raw Science to buy other things like upgrades and recipes.

The creatures in the game, the bugs, were awesomely designed. I'm no bug expert, but in my opinion they did a great job depicting the behaviors of all of the bugs in the game. I don't want to give away too much because I hope you'll check it out for yourself. If you have GamePass on Xbox you can play it without buying it. If you have GamePass ultimate and like to game on PC you can also play it there, and the saves do carry over for both.

They also did very well with the difference in activity in night and day. Some bugs will be sleeping at night, some in the day, and some bugs just seem to sleep whenever they want at different times of the day.

If you enjoy a game where you can explore, craft, base build, fight, and survive then this should be your next go to. Base building is actually very important for this game because you will want somewhere to store materials and craft. That is my only advice here, and I'm going to leave it with that because in this game learning is the key. Although if you find yourself stuck feel free to find me and ask. I will help if I can.

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