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Brain Exercising

That is a pretty vague title, I know. There are probably limitless ways to do just that, exercising the

brain. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that the bottom line is learning anything new exercises the brain. It could be learning a second, third, fourth, or however many languages you’re working on. It could also be playing brain exercising games on your phone. For me right now, that thing is Python. Python, for those who may not know, is a coding language.

I spent some time a while back looking at learning several different coding languages and looking at what the main use for the languages are. My decision on Python was mainly based on how it felt while trying to learn it. Now, I’m not saying anything negative about any other languages. In fact, once I get a good working knowledge of Python I most definitely plan to learn at least 2 other

languages. Those are C# (called C Sharp) and JS (Java Script).

So with Python, I felt like it would be a relatively easy language to learn that has a lot of uses, and some that I intend to implement into my current life. I’m still in the early stages of learning though so we will ultimately see what happens the more I learn. So far I have learned how to make a “to-do list” that you can edit, a “Star Wars” name generator, a tip calculator, Rock Paper Scissors game (this one I actually went above and beyond to make a UI and everything), character generator, and even a battle sim with the character generator. These are just most of what I’ve done. I have also followed some videos to get other things working too, like a snake game. Another one I want to work on like that is a doom knock-off of Flappy Bird. It’s just a video on YouTube this person calls Flappy Doom. He gives a link for you to download all of the images and files you’ll need and shows you how to write out the code. It’s not the same as writing out the code yourself, but in my opinion it is still good practice. And on top of that if you get in there and edit the code to better suit you, you learn a little bit by doing that as well. So I don’t consider it a total waste of time to just copy other stuff like that for practice.

Am I saying that learning Python is making me smarter? Well yeah I am. I’m not saying that it makes me smarter than anybody else. It just makes me smarter today than I was yesterday, and that is the goal for me. At this point I’m not really trying to make a career out of Python or anything like that, although I wouldn’t rule it out in the future. However, my main intention with wanting to learn C# is to implement that knowledge into video games. Yes I said it. I want to make video games. For now though I will continue to exercise my brain until I get to the point where I am ready to invest time further into the art.

For any of my socials or any other ways to contact me check out my website.

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