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Burning Through Burnout

What to play when the rest of your games don’t sound interesting

It’s been my experience that sometimes, even when you want to play a game and you know you need some content despite that. If not a single game you have sounds appealing, it can be hard to see a way to stay on track. I’ve discovered that some people aren’t aware of some good sources for games like the one I recently played on stream, FNAF World.

Now maybe you don’t want to play that one, in particular, there are plenty of good options. Let’s start with the most obvious: mobile gaming. I felt some of you cringe at that and that’s fine.

You may assume I mean things like Candy Crush, but I’m also referring to mainstream goodies like Diablo Immortal or Apex, Dead By Daylight, and Wild Rift.

“But Elf!” I hear you say. “Those are regular games, why would I play them on mobile?” Because

imaginary readers I just made up, it’s a new way to experience them.

Now there are other games of course, like ML: Adventure, or pc rage favorite, Happy Wheels, and even for something simpler but still entertaining.

Another avenue, such as the site where you can find games like the aforementioned FNAF World: Gamejolt. By and large, the games are free, and you can find fan-made takes on all sorts of games like Undertale. If you watch Markiplier, you may have even seen him play games like One Night at Flumpty’s, Five Nights at Candy’s, and JRs, but there are more gems to be found if you look.

Another source (though some aren’t free) is, which pngtubers may recognize as where you grab veadotube mini from, which has games like the ever-popular Friday Night Funkin’, among other fun games.

Of course, there are free games suited for group play too, games like Gartic Phone and the

browser version of Cards Against Humanity, where you don’t even need friends to play, you can hop in a game with strangers too.

Lastly, I present the OG option, the gem most often forgotten until it’s brought up in a moment of nostalgia: Newgrounds. Yes! It’s still going! Much like, Friday Night Funkin’ is there too, but for everything from the most random flash animation you’ve seen to lewd dating sims, Newgrounds has a bit of everything for everyone.

When it comes to that, however, if you intend to stream, be mindful of the ratings and the specifics of your platform. That said, it’s still a good choice for content creation but just as good for passing the time or just enjoying something new until that burnout passes and you can resume your regularly scheduled games.

Who knows? Maybe you’re lucky and have never had a day where you look at your collection of games and think “not one of these sounds good today.” Even so, who couldn’t benefit from new sources for games? Who couldn’t benefit from the, (usually!), low price of free? Regardless, you now know plenty of places to look!

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