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COD: MW2 Open Beta

So this past week I was able to play the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta. I wanted to share my thoughts on it. Before we get into that let’s talk about what’s going on here. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the direct sequel to COD: Modern Warfare (2019), which is a reboot storytelling of the characters from COD 4: Modern Warfare (2007), COD: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) and COD: Modern Warfare 3 (2011). The story followed Captain Price and Task Force 141 as they faced multiple international incidents trying to prevent WW3. The original trilogy was a a great success for the franchise and was my first entry into FPS shooters. Until Modern Warfare 2 the graphics of FPS games would cause me to have motion sickness. MW:2 graphics and mechanics were refined enough for me not to get motion sick.

Getting back to MW2: Open Beta I didn’t get into it till the second day, I guess by then there had been an update to it. I didn’t get to to experience it in its most buggy form. When I first loaded up there were a bunch of connection issues and mathcmaking issues where all the homies couldn’t play together. so we had to branch off into smaller groups in order to play. Above are my overall stats for the beta. I didn’t realize I played that much of it, and the level cap I believe was 30. I was able to cap out my XM4 to 19, even though it said the level cap was 20. For reference I mainly played the “INVASION” game mode so that I could play with my squad. When ever we would try to play the other modes it wouldn’t allow us to have more than 4 players.

GRAPHICS: The game looked great the models were MW looking. Compared to Cold War and Vanguard I’d rate them my favorite. The water animations flowed real nice and the building and backgrounds rendered well. The character models were hi fidelity and the weapons looks spot on.

MOVEMENT: Compared to Cold War the movement was very clunky and slow feeling. Vanguard’s movement was smoother as well but since I stopped playing it I’m going to be doing a lot of comparison to Cold War. I also have to say the Invasion maps were huge and had many levels to them. Climbing ladders, running up flights of stairs and jumping on things were fine but all around movement felt clumsy and slow.

PERKS: The perk system wasn’t my favorite thing. Normally you would start off with 3-6 perks depending on your loadout, they would be available right away. In the Beta they bundled perks that they felt would compliment certain play styles. You would begin with 1 perk and as the match went on you would unlock the rest. I hope that this was Beta Only and you’re able to pick your perks and that all 3 are available at the beginning of the match.

WEAPON PROGRESSION: This was a weird one that I hope will get more explanation at launch. You had certain weapons unlocked and as you progressed through them they would unlock other guns. Unlocking guns wasn’t associated with your level. Then I noticed that there was an LMG that had a receiver of an XM4. Basically it looked like there was going to be a higher level of Weapon Gunsmithing. To me it looked like you would need to progress a weapon to a certain level that would be a base part of the next weapon. Then with that base part unlocked you could then make numerous types of weapons and upgrades with it. I’m really excited about it.

CORE ONLY: I can’t stand Core gameplay, it takes too many bullets to knock someone. I do get why some people love it though. You really have to take in account TTK for certain weapons and bring a loadout that is going to work with the map and your team’s play style. The issue I have with that is when the devs change the stats on weapons then it changes the meta of the game and everyone has to change the weapon they’re using just to stay alive. Also since the wit markers were in Beta they didn’t always register. Another reason why I’m not a fan of Core Game Modes.

I came out on top in 2 games, unfortunately we lost both so I’m not going to toot my own horn. I will say that it was a very frustrating Beta but that’s what me and the homies had to keep telling ourselves, IT’S A BETA. All in all it was fun and I’m excited about the game itself. I love the characters in the capaign and I’m feeling the re-telling story of Captain Price and Task Force 141. I pre-ordered the vault edition of the game and was able to play are hockey masked versions of the default character models and got to see what the “Cinder” color skins is going to look like on the weapons. For playing the Beta you earned the “Side Impact” Weapon Blueprint which looks pretty good. Well that’s all I got about the Beta I can’t wait to be able to play more gamemodes in Hard Core and play through the campaign.


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