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Comic-Con: The in's, out's, and first experience from the views of PinkSquirrel

I never imagined my first time at comic con would be this amazing filled with laugher and pictures and experiences that will last a lifetime! In May of 2022 I went to Fan Fest in Phoenix, and I will never forget the sights and sounds and all the things I learned about what you shouldn’t and shouldn’t do while here.

First let me give you some background I went as Rey from Star Wars, and My Boyfriend Kyron79 went as Obi-Wan Kenobi, we didn’t want to do a light day so we made sure to get up extra early to be there like as soon as they opened (definitely something I recommend after all the earlier you get there the longer you get to live this experience! Our costumes knocked it out of the park, If you can definitely try and work on your costume little by little you want it too look like you and the Person you are trying to be all at the same time so It’s awesome to be able to make your own costumes. We had the opportunity to make a lot of our props with our 3D Printer making it really cool that painting and everything done yourself. Another thing I would consider Prior to the day of comic con is to have at least 3 fittings and costume set ups this one you can easily get it on and off the day off because some stuff You have to wait to put on till you get there and the props have to be checked in now to make sure their safe etc.. but all in all not a bad experience and we didn’t have to wait very long in line. The walk to the place from the parking garage isn’t bad either making it really easy to get around just remember what building you came out of, so you can get back to your car later.

At Comicon or Fan Fest as they called it in Phoenix Kind of had a few different sections you had the cosplayers and people selling stuff involving that IE Vendors, You have Your Authors who are new to the world or simply trying to reach a new audience and want to be able to tell people how their book would fit into our reality. And you have the props and costume makers, the showcase areas, the Hobby vendors, Autographs! and the panels.

I did not end up viewing any panels so I don’t know that I can accurately comment on those, I did go into one thinking the actor was going to be there but it was more of a discussion about the experiences involving the actor.. There were quite a few vendors selling old comic books, which is exactly what I would have expected, I loved seeing all the new books and comics that were out there, even just seeing all the amazing costumes. Myself and Kyron79 ( My boyfriend) were even stopped and asked to pose for pictures, the highlight of the trip being asked to pose as star wars characters with lightsabers for someone selling light sabers. Such an Amazing feeling and great experience. There were some Actors that were their I couldn’t even believe, like the actor that does some of the voices in Futurama, and the Tiger voice actor from Winnie the Pooh, and Katherine Janeway and Tuvak from Star trek voyager!! And CHUCK NORRIS! I didn’t get any autographs but even just being in the same building as them and being so close was spectacular.

All in all I would say it was an absolutely amazing experience that I will never forget I will continue to work and develop my costume as it never stops you always want to find new ways to improve and develop your costume, and I’m already Planning our next adventure. I would highly recommend going to A fan fest or Comicon in your area when they have it is a truly amazing experience if you are into any characters. Stay safe and Have Fun!

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