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Console/Content Wars?

These days we keep seeing a lot about these big companies buying these other big (but not quite as big) game development companies. A lot of people, if not everybody, is talking about what’s going on and speculating what’s going to happen. Some of it is negative in a sense referring to it as the Console War. I personally don’t feel like that may be the case, and this is just my opinion.

I don’t think that Microsoft and Sony are competing against each other. I believe that by purchasing these companies and making games console exclusive is going to help both companies in the long run. You won’t see as much of “I play this console because it’s better” but see more of “I had to have both consoles because I wanted to play games on both”. In my eyes Sony is letting Microsoft buy these companies with AAA games so they can share the market with them, because let’s be honest here, Sony surely has a larger player base, especially for games that are on both platforms. Until more recently I would say most people who buy Xbox probably had a Playstation and just bought the Xbox for the exclusives if they wanted. Note that I did say until more recently, meaning like 10 years. This last generation of consoles started to shake things up a bit. I personally have been a Xbox fan since the beginning (thank you Fable).

Having said that, I also feel like this is going to help boost indie games companies, which also have been making great progress in the last several years. The good thing I feel like is that indie game companies don’t really have to compete with AAA game companies anymore, because the platforms have made a home for them amongst the rest, and that is what we really want to see. Maybe from a gamer point of view, maybe not depending on your opinion of indie games, but from the point of view of a person who is glad to see people able to accomplish their dreams because that’s what it’s really about right?

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