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Hopefully I’m wrong about this, but it still feels like there is a stigma with content creating that it “can’t” or “shouldn’t” be a full time job. I’m here to tell you as a person who has a full time job and someone who is trying to also make it as a content creator that is definitely not the case. I’m not sure if it is the fact that you can do something you love and make a living doing it, or the fact that you don’t have to report to an office or factory for what you do to be considered a “job”, but here are some concepts that might help broaden someone’s view of what people are doing as content creators.

First there is the concept of Youtubers, Twitch streamers, or other Vlog types. It seems like people get the idea in their head that these people just have to upload a couple videos onto the internet, get lucky/viral, and they’ve made it. This would be a very rare occasion if that were to happen. Most content creators of this type have worked hard for years to get their content right where they want/need it to be in order for them to start making traction. In most cases you don’t just upload a video and go viral overnight. You have to put content out constantly, and lots of it, before you get to a point like that. Twitch streamers have to start building a following, and from there keep growing. You have to understand the content, what kind of audience you’re reaching out to both intentionally and unintentionally, and you have to offer the audience something that they’re going to want to return to time and time again. Most of the time that is going to be yourself. Yeah people might discover you because of a game you’re playing or whatever it is you do on twitch, but they keep coming back because they enjoy watching you while you’re doing what you’re doing. One thing people may not understand is how difficult and tiring it can be in that situation, and people do it daily. It takes a lot of energy and effort planning streams that last for days with giveaways and everything else they do in that time, and they’re doing it while still doing their daily grind and possibly also while working a full time job to compensate.

Another aspect that people may not take into consideration about content creators is how much they’re putting into it versus what they’re getting out of it financially. To some it may not matter a lot because they’re doing it as a side gig for fun, but to others it is their bread. If it is your only source of income you’re working hard to get sponsors, networking to get your name and content out there for people to see and become interested in. Everything you do at that point is promoting your brand, and that can be more difficult than having a “real job”. Yes there are videos and websites dedicated to helping introduce people to that kind of work, but that doesn’t make it any less work. A lot of what content creators do can be like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks. There can (and most likely will) be a lot of downs before things start looking up. Then take into consideration that you don’t exactly go to school for content creation. You might go to school for art, writing, photography, filming, or anything you use in content creation but that is only the content part. When you are a content creator you are a business person, and your content is what you’re selling.

To go ahead and draw a conclusion, some people may feel like the life of a Youtuber, Vlogger/Blogger, or Twitch streamer is all RGB and energy drinks, but it’s not. Deciding to be a full time content creator is a scary thing to dedicate yourself to, because you never know if or when it could flop (but hopefully it doesn’t). It literally is a full time job, and requires a lot more than you just sitting in front of a camera. I hope this blog might shed some light on your opinion of this topic if it was needed, if not then I hope you relate to the topic and if need be share it with someone you know who might need to see this.

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