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Couples Gaming

I never thought I would be the girl who wanted to spend all her time gaming who gets super excited when a new game comes out, or one that would stay up all night trying to get better. But that was before, when me and my boyfriend first met, we realized how geeky we were with Harry Potter, and instantly realized we wanted to see what else we had in common. In all Reality gaming together can help build stronger relationships creating positive values that you can build on in a relationship such as Teamwork, time together, communication: these are just a few things gaming with your significant other can bring to your relationship.

Still, like anything in a relationship, gaming together can have its challenges, especially when each person has a different play style. We have played console games and have now switched to PC gaming. I tend to want to run into trouble, while he’s more logical and thought out. Sometimes it’s frustrating to wait on the other person.

One gamer couple Jessica & Josh “feels that gaming has had a positive influence on their relationship. “We’re in the same room communicating a lot, and we can talk about it. We get creative, and it’s fun to see what the other one will do.” And I completely agree.

Gaming has also helped a lot of couples to strengthen their relationship. Another couple added, “It’s been very good strengthening our teamwork skills and our communication skills, and it’s also been good in the times we get frustrated with each other and gives us ways to learn about each other and how to talk to each other. “For me it’s been really great to share in the gaming side this part of him has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember, and that’s really where I feel the most connected. It’s opened this part of his life to me and allowed us to do more together, which is a great feeling.

Couples gaming can of course have some negative impacts at times as well, however, through the research and personal experiences I have encountered it truly is a positive impact, and can be a great experience with you and your significant other, or even a best friend. It is a great way to build your relationship, and grow!

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