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Hey guys! Just wanted to give you an update. Working full-time with a new born is crazy. Let alone doing it while trying to blog or vlog. Anyway the baby has been really fussy for no apparent reason and after a trip to the doctor we have found out that he has eczema and acid re-flux. So that explained a lot but it still doesn't change the fact that dealing with a screaming baby isn't fun. I figure it's a phase that we have to work through and it will just get better. If you didn't know, we have sacrificed a lot to be able to have my wife stay home. Even then this baby is a major adjustment for the whole family.

Just some things to think about when being a new Dad...

1.) You're going to have a hard time adjusting, so whatever you do to manage stress, do more of it. But not so much that you're detached.

2.) Doing a better job cleaning up after yourself and the family. She's not going to be able to the things she was able to do before. No matter how independent she was, she's going to be dependent on you. So all the little things matter

3.) When talking to her about her day, give her your undivided attention. You may be the only adult interaction she has all day. So put the phone down , turn off the tv and listen.

4.) If there are other kids in the picture, don't forget to set special time aside for them. Talk to them and try to involve them with the baby as much as possible. It can be hard sometimes but don't forget, it's a major adjustment for them as well.

Well that's just a few things, I'll add more as I experience more. See you on the next blog...



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