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Dollar Shave Club... Is it worth it?

So one of the things I hated was having to go out and get razors. So much so I would at times go months shaving on the same razor. So I started seeing advertisements for Dollar Shave Club and Harry's. Both were mail-order shave clubs. I went to YouTube right away to see if anyone did any reviews on these products. I watch about 3 videos comparing the 2 and decided to join Dollar Shave Club. They are based in SoCal and have distribution centers in California and Kentucky. They get their razors from a Korean company I believe. When My first box arrived (pic above) I got the executive pack, it came with the razors, a handle, the shave butter, the post shave cream and then I added the "One wipe Charlies". Initially I didn't like the razor blades, when I'd use them it would feel like it was pulling at my hairs instead of shaving them off. I ended up switching to the 4x Blades and those have been working very well for me. I do love the shave butter and the post shave cream. The butter is different that the foam stuff I used in the past and I truly believe that the post shave cream works very well with it. I haven't re-ordered the wipes since my initial order and not because they weren't any good but because there are so many other products like it on the market that are not as pricey.

This leads me into what I don't like about the club. Even though the razors are good and not expensive and they get delivered right to your door. The other products are expensive. All the shave essentials, the soaps, the sunscreen, lip balm, etc are way over priced for the amount you get. I did some comparison shopping and I could get the natural really good soap from Sprouts in double the size for the same price. Don't get me wrong I've sampled some of the products and they're good but for me like other DSC members, all complain about the value of buying those extra shaving product.

All in all I am still a member 8 months later and the you really can't beat the convenience of having your blades delivered right to your door. You never will shave with a dull blade again. They also send you a little newsletter with every shipment called "Bathroom Minutes", it's pretty humorous. If you want more info about the Dollar Shave Club or are interested in joining click on the link below. This is not a sponsored blog but the blog will receive $5 for every new member sign up via their refer a friend program. Thanks again and we'll talk to you on the next blog.

After... :)

Click here to check out the Dollar Shave Club


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