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First class was a blast!!!

I'm not talking about the 2011 X-Men movie. I'm talking about my first Teen Kickboxing class. I've studied martial arts my whole life and I have been trained by some of the best in the business. I've lead classes and help train others but I never took on the full responsibility of solely training a whole class. I'm not an introvert nor do I have a problem speaking in front of large groups of people but I was definitely nervous. I normally work out in the morning and I've only been there in the evenings a few times. I forgot how busy it actually is at night, so of course this made the gym seem bigger and more over whelming then ever. I sat down and got ready and waited for the current Pee Wee class to conclude. I introduced myself to one of the coaches Ismail, as the new Kick Boxing Instructor. Ismail gave me a quick rundown and introduced me to the class. He handed me over the class and that's when the real butterflies kicked in, there was no turning back now! As soon as I shouted "Grab your ropes" it was on like donkey kong! Warm ups took longer than I expected because we played a name game to break the ice. As the class continued on the butterflies began to vanish, the students really took to my instruction. I saw some smiles, some smirks, some grumbling and grunting but everyone did their best. We closed our class with a core work out and a breathing exercise and by the end everyone was sweating, including me and it seemed like everyone had a good time. I wish we had more time but as they say time flies when you're having fun. I have to close this blog post with a THANK YOU to all the instructors that have trained me. Being a good trainer or coach comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressures. I truly believe I have the experience, knowledge and confidence today because of your communal efforts. Thank you again and I can't wait till next week!

- Sean Flac 2.0

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