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Gaming when I was younger...

Some old school games came with the musical business back in the day!! I played Suikoden 1 and 3, I never really played this one but the music was pretty darn good!! Gaming played a major part in my life when I was growing up. We were pretty poor and we didn't have access to them right away. I remember we would always go to our cousin's house and they would have them. All the kids would gather around the TV and either wait their turn or just watch while the other kids played. My Dad's friend, Mr. Jones found out that we didn't have one and that is how we got our first Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. The system came with 2 controllers, a light gun and Super Mario Brothers and Duck hunt on 1 cartridge. Me and my sister would stay up late playing that game. I think the only other games we owned on it was Mega Man 2 and Double Dragon 3. We were poor but I didn't really know any better, I always thought growing up that everyone lived like we did. I think gaming took me our of my reality just enough to not give it a second thought.

I was browsing YouTube and the I came across the track below. It brought back memories of playing classic games and how cool the music was. So I thought I'd share the memory with you guys. Among certain groups, gaming has a negative connotation connected to it. For me gaming is like a book. I play the games to become someone else, to escaped the mundane and adventure across the galaxy. I use it as an outlet and to find balance.

Do you game? Why do you game and what make gaming so much fun for you? or Why don't you game? Let me know by hitting me up on twitter. That's @seanflac in twitter and we can continue the conversation there. As always thank you for stopping and I'll see you in the next blog

Hope you enjoy the track and if you're interested in Retro Games Head over to and check out the Legend of Retro Podcast, where Craig, Xander, Chops and The Glitch talk about these awe inspiring classics and some not so awe inspiring ones too!

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