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Happy New Year!!



It's that time of year again. The year is winding down and everyone is getting ready for the new year. Looking back on 2018 here are some of the highlights. We welcomed Baby Kai, Baby Boy was getting his walk on, Big Boy participated in CYO and went off to Camp for the first time, we got a boat and welcomed Nalu our boat dog to the family! There were many Ups and Downs. And some times it felt like there were more downs than ups but looking back at these photos I realize that we were very blessed in 2018. Hard work pays off and it truly shows. I wanted to thank my Wicked Wahine for all the sleepless nights she spent with the babies which as I'm writing this she is texting me about how Baby Kai doesn't want anything but warm milk during her nighttime melt downs. She is truly the glue that holds this family together and I truly appreciate everything she does and love her to the moon and back, well maybe to Pluto and back. That's much further than the Moon. I saw this hashtag #2018bestnine and I challenge everyone to give it a go. Look back on your best and share them to the world. Let the Universe know that you're living your best life!

Maybe you haven't had the best year and you don't feel like you're winning right now. That's okay too, look at where you were at the beginning of the year and where you stand now. Even if you're standing in that same place, that in itself is a blessing. It means you have weathered the worst of what life threw at you and you're still standing. And as long as you're still standing, you have an opportunity to make change in your life. Focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Also be open minded to new thought processes and ideas. As one of my mentors say, "Learn something new everyday". I truly believe that hard work does pay off and that doesn't mean you need to sweat everyday. It means you're out there making the best of what dealt to you or you make the decision to "play" a different game.

As always thank you for all your support!

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