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Happy New Year!!

Pool Side done right!

Hey Guys,

Happy New Year to me! I'm a little late with this post but I've finally found the time to write it. So I recently turned 38 and this past year has been another roller coaster. When I look back on the year the only thing I can focus on is what's been going with the family. Work is work, I've been in my current position for going on 5 years so there is nothing new there. I've added more content to the Vlog, YouTube and The Dad's Life Podcast. I've worked on other projects (Practical Pivot) with friends and opened an on-line store. I haven't pushed the store as much because I'm trying to work on designs but it's there.

Nothing I do ever fills my mind as much as the time with my family. This year started off with baby girl turning 1. Baby boy finding his little voice and the teen still being a teen aka an a$$. This past year it's been about the passing of time for me, more precisely how fast it's passing. As I get older the years are going by faster and faster and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm seeing our little ones getting bigger and the teen going into High School?

I preach to the oldest about how his time is a child is gone and he needs to start making more responsible decisions as he approaches being a young man. I all I can think about is spending as much time with him as I can because that also means his time with me is getting short as well. As for the babies, they're learning new things everyday. You can just look at them and see that they are absorbing something new. They get excited when they see me walk through the door which I love but I wish I didn't have to go through in the first place. You know I wish I could hit the lottery so I didn't have to work or work as much. I'd love to spend more boat days with the family, take trips to placed we see on TV and help them with their projects but a Dad's got to do what I Dad has to do.

Last but not least there's the Wicked Wahine. We've had our ups and downs but as I said in one of my podcasts, marriage is work. With all the challenges with the kids we really have had time to work on us, you know keep us fresh. We were finally able to go on vacation but since we took the kids it again didn't give us the chance we wanted to just enjoy our time together. She has been the rock of the family and this past year she's been tested and tried but as always she rises above. It's difficult when you only have to take care of yourself let alone a whole household including pets. Don't get it twisted she has one of the hardest jobs and I appreciate everything she does daily!


Now I'm done looking back. It's time to look forward. We've been talking about moving out of state and have been researching Florida and Texas. That is at least 5+ years down the road but it'll come sooner than later. I put in a promotion for a different department but it's closer to home than my current job and comes with a raise. Also it being so close I can spend more time at home with the kids. I'm wanting me and the wife to take more short trips instead of one longer trip. As far as the kids go, the Teen is starting High School which will come with it's own challenges. The baby boy is getting more pre-school days and the baby girl is just trying to not bust here head when she walks.

Sunrise in Indian Rock Beach FL

Other than that life goes on. I woke up on the right side of the dirt this morning and that's the blessing of the day. Anything beyond that is totally up to me, I'll make the day good or bad based on how I react to what the world throws at me. I always have to tell myself that there are people that wish they had my problems so I stay away from the "Whoa as me" kind of post. Regardless of how things are now, plan and be optimistic. Know that as long as you wake up you get a chance to make it better. One last piece of advise to my future self and you the readers. Don't make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation.


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