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Hi-Fi Rush: An awesome Rhythm game with a major flaw for some.

First Boss KO!

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I took a crack at Hi-Fi Rush, the game’s animation and voice acting are out of this world! The concept is a Rhythm Action-Adventure Game. It’s story is way over the top. I’d personally compare it to a cleaner version of Borderlands. Like if you were an actual citizen in Handsome Jack’s City of Opportunity. I only played through the “Intro” which was close to an hour. Took that long to explain all the mechanics.

Since music is a major part of a rhythm game the developers worked with real world musical artist to create the music for the game. So a lot of the music is copyrighted. That’s not even the coolest part. The game has a “Streamer Mode”, so if you want to stream the game play you can turn on this mode. In “Streamer Mode” it switches the music to non-copyright music so you can stream it without fear of a DMCA strike or Muting of your stream. Pretty cool for all of us Content creators/Streamers right?!

With all the coolness there are not so cool parts about it. The game may look open World but it’s more of a linear platformer. Also if you have a hard time keeping with rhythm then the game is going to be that much harder to play. Also another major down side for me was there are a lot of moving background elements that keep with the rhythm to help keep you #nsync , see what I did there?!! Anyway all this additional movement caused me to experience motion sickness while playing. For the “Lack of Rhythm” part, you can change to an easier mode where the timing is more forgiving. For the motion sickness, so far I have not found a solution for it except to play in small spurts but like I said the “Intro” is close to an hour to complete.

It’s a great looking game with really cool concepts, great acting and a unique play style. If you’re interested in it, it’s included with the Xbox Game Pass. That’s where is played it. If you’d like to see more of this game, I’m willing to suffer through some motion sickness to bring it to you. Let me know in the comments if I should continue playing it.

Thank you for your continued support and I’ll see you in the next Mini Blog Post!

~ Sean Flac 2.0

hifirush #review #xbox #xboxgamepass #miniblog

#miniblog #Review #xbox #xboxgamepass #hifirush

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