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How have you been?

Graveyard got me looking Grave

So it's been a few months since a blog has come out. My work schedule changed over the summer and I couldn't plan time to keep up with it. Well it's fall and my schedule has changed back so I'm back to working on the Podcast, Blog and YouTube channel. Here are few updates of what we did over the summer.

For our first trip, we went to Tampa Florida where I vlogged most of our trip. Head over to the media tab and check out the Sean Flac YouTube channel for more on that. It was a blast I'd have to say the highlight of that trip was waking up, grabbing coffee and enjoying the sunrise.

Our next big thing was a trip to the mountains. We took the family just outside Truckee Ca, for the babies' first real camping trip. It was also the first time we took the truck somewhere remotely off road. We were scheduled to camp for 3 nights but only stayed 2 because of the cold temp at night. This also lead us up to deciding not to tent camp anymore and we started looking into an RV. Unfortunately the wife injured her foot while packing the truck the day before which she ended up needing a full blown cast and that was also a deciding factor but we did have a great time while we were there.

We also went to the baby boy and I's first Monster Jam Show a The Shark Tank (SAP Center) in San Jose. If you get a chance to go to one, it's a blast! We went to the "Pre-Show Pit Party" where we took photos with some drivers and got some cool merch. The wife is still recovering from her foot injury so we had to navigate the event in a wheel chair. There was a moment where we didn't know if she was going to be able to go to the pit party because it was on the uneven dirt but they did allow her to do so as long as she could walk it. We did a once over and took pictures with who we could then went to our seats. We bought the tickets before she was in a wheel chair so we were worried about seating. We went to the info center and they made arrangements for us to sit in the ADA section which was like our own suite. The experience at SAP was more than we could have asked for, the drivers put on such a great show but that wasn't the best part of the whole thing. The very best part of the show was being able to watch my wife share something she loves with our "Rainbow Baby" and see them both light up with excitement the whole time. It was such a great experience and we will definitely be back.

Last but not least, the big boy started high school. It's been a rocky start and if you follow the Podcast you'll know some of our challenges we have. He's super excited about his classes and he loves the school. As you can see he's in AFJROTC and this was his first Uniform day.

Well that's where #dadlife has taken me the last few months. Of course it hasn't been rainbows and unicorns around here all summer, especially with the wife's foot in a cast. Just like any other family we make due. And looking back, we are very blessed and I am truly grateful for all we were able to do as a family these past few months. Remember to take time for yourself and the family because if we don't then why are we working so hard? I'll end this blog with a meme I got from FB. Read it a few times if need be, I did. Thank you for stopping by and till next time, Have a Great day!!

~ Sean Flac 2.0

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