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If life was a knife...Part 3

Hey guys after today's event in Karate I think it's a good place to end this series. So the purpose of this series is to show the importance of martial arts as more than just an activity.

Well today during class the Big Boy was sparring and he got hit really hard on the face. He got upset threw his gloves to the ground and stomped off the mat. I immediately told him to kneel down and compose himself. I went to see if he was hurt anywhere and turns out he got hit in the face, stomach and back. But he was more upset that his sparring partner didn't go easier on him. This was not acceptable, after a brief talk I told him that life wasn't always going to treat him fair and in some occasions he was going to have to rise to the situation and push himself. Life will knock you down but you can't just give up and walk off.

Lastly, in our society there will always be bullies. No matter where you go or what you do there will always be someone that will try to bully someone weaker than them. Or someone they perceive as weaker than themselves. So last but not least Martial Arts teaches how to defend one self and others around them.

I study Martial Arts as a way to better myself and to teach the Big Boy that there are things that are essential to learn that you cannot learn in the classroom. Martial Arts teaches so many lessons that can be taken all the way to the spiritual level. It teaches you to be humble, that life isn't always fair but through hard work one can over come obstacle. These are just a few lessons, I mean the list can go on but i'll stop here for now. Thank you for staying tuned and I'll see you in the next one.

Sean Flac 2.0

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