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Introducing the Phat Guy Fitness Club...

Game Face!!

Hey Moms and Dads,

This year we're focusing on Fitness for the blog and You Tube Channel. It's going to be a great under taking as I'll be juggling this with working, parenting etc. Parents who focus on health help their kids from becoming obese, prevent stage 2 diabetes etc. So I started group called the "Phat Guy Fitness Club". A couple of guys from work and myself are going to go on this weight loss journey together. Losing weight with a support group is key in staying motivated and helps with accountability. This first video is about how we decided which app to use to keep us all honest. Enjoy...

"Fitbit" for Activity Tracking

"My Fitness Pal" for food Tracking

Just in Case you wanted to check out some of those fitness trackers here are some links:

Gear Fit 2

Gear S2

Gear S3: Frontier

Apple Watch

Fitbit: Blaze

Fitbit: Surge

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