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Just like that...another year gone!!

Hey Dads and Moms, How’s everyone doing? In my last post I talked about my 13 yo. As I was typing the blog up I couldn’t help but think, “Just like that and he’s 13”, where did the time go? My favorite time of the day is when I’m winding down the baby boy and watching him play in the bath after he’s all cleaned up. No care in the world, just laughing and playing, knowing he’s going to brush his teeth, put on his PJ’s, kiss his mom and get his bottle for bed.

It’s really a double edge sword because it just reminds me of another day gone. A day turns into a week, a week turns into a month and months turn into years. This photo is a direct representation of how times flies. One minute they're holding your hand to walk and then Just like that they’re the ones reaching out to help others walk!

The moral of the story is spend as much time as you can with them when they’re babies. That time is fleeting, money will come and go but you’ll never get that time back...



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