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KeeQii and MiraBox

I feel like most people, when you say capture card, think about Elgato. If you know me it’s quite possible you’ve already heard my take on this. Firstly, I in no way have anything negative to say about Elgato products. If that is in your budget then by all means have at it, but that hasn’t been me yet. I have got my hands on a couple of lower budget devices that I swear by.

These are the KeeQii and MiraBox capture cards that I have found on Amazon. I would suggest either one of these for anyone in need for a cheaper but quality capture card.

Of these two I do still have my favorite though, and there are a couple of reasons why.

So I’ll start with the MiraBox.

My favorite part about this capture card is its look. I really like the black and red metal design they used. It is 4k pass-through, so it doesn’t give 4k quality to the computer receiving the video, but it does pass through 4k like, from a game console to the TV. This card also only has 3 ports on it, so that makes it really easy to figure out how to plug it up. The downfall of this one is that the computer you stream on has to be turned on while playing. Otherwise the USB cable has to be plugged into power for the video/audio signal to pass through.

Then there is the KeeQii capture card.

This one is my absolute favorite. The KeeQii card has more ports on it that you can use which may make it a little more confusing at first. Of course it has the usual in and out HDMI ports and the USB port. Then you also have a mic, headset, and USB-C ports. The USB-C port is used only to power the device, which you don’t have to use. If you don’t then you’re in the same situation as the MiraBox. If you plug a cable from the USB-C port to a power source you don’t have that issue.

The KeeQii card is a little bit long, but it is also about half the thickness as the MiraBox. It is just a fairly basic gray color with white writing, but it looks fine to me. It also has power and signal lights. This card also has 4k pass-through like the MiraBox, and doesn’t send 4k to the computer. That’s perfectly fine for me though since I’m definitely not going to be streaming in 4k any time soon.

In conclusion, I will speak for either one of these capture cards, but the KeeQii is my favorite over the MiraBox. It’s mostly personal preference, but it just has that little bit more functionality that I like to use. You should be able to find either one of these on amazon at some reasonable prices. If I had to rate these, I would give the KeeQii a 9/10 and the Mirabox a 8/10.

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