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Khaza Album Review

Now as a massive music enthusiast and fan i love seeing artists evolve over the course of their music, and this album is a full evolution. Released June 17th 2022, On his new album "Khaza" (titled after his son) Kevin Gates shed the Trap and the "Street Life" for a glimpse of his soul. This album was written to reflect on exactly what he was going through at the time a breakup, a new relationship, and the loss of a friend, a lot of which he went through while he was incarcerated for 30 months beginning in 2017.

On tracks like "Scars" and "Plug Cry" he tells us about his struggles with losing his best friend "Mazzi" while he was in prison, his struggles to balance his family, his children and his fame. The track listing is meant to be as sporadic as a break up, the huge range of emotions that you go through. With tracks like "You", "Free at last" and "One Day" we feel his pain with having to accept the loss and move on, stating "This may not matter to you much but i just thought i might share, release the things that cause me grief, that means that i do not care" send that one to your ex. Over the course of the album you can hear him finding happiness again in himself and finding new people, on tracks like "Bad for Me" "Mine" and "PTOE" we hear the joy in his new relationship, finding himself again and pushing himself further in his career.

Of course every good hip hop album needs a few bangers so he made sure to include tracks like "Steppin'" where he makes sure to remind us he hasn't retired from who he was just reformed, and my personal favorite track "Body" where he metaphorically tells us how much he loves his gun. With this album being in planning for a few years Gates was able to use one iconic track from his past, for this he chose a legendary track with fellow rapper and legend Juicy J titled "thinkin with my d***k" which we all have that stage after a bad breakup.

Prior to the albums release two tracks titled “Bad for Me” and “Big Lyfe” were released as singles, along with a hugely anticipated freestyle over Kodak Blacks “Super Gremlin” beat titled “Super General” where we got a glimpse of everything this album was gonna offer us. Many critics felt that after the huge success of Super General and the aggression behind it “Khaza” didn't carry as much aggression on it, in my opinion however we have to allow these artists to grow and feel the same things we do. As much as i loved Gates older material, this new album with all the emotion, slow love songs, and confused feelings is just as great in my opinion.

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