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Lawnmower Simulator: A weirdly addictive time waster

First impressions of this game is that you are a very serious start up company when it comes to lawn care and as a simulation game enthusiast it warms my heart to see games like that for console gamers who want to take a break from whatever shooter/strategy games they find themselves grinding. It was a bit tough to get used to the controls at first but if you've been fortunate enough to be able to have both a front and back yard then getting into the groove of this game should be a breeze and also with a solid lock playlist on your music app, this game is one of many that can bring you to a state of relaxation

Allow yourself some patience when first starting the game because the instructions can be a bit confusing but once you get used it then bring out your beverage of choice and allow the virtual summer heat to seep into your skin without the threat of hornet attacks. Once you get the hang of how to run your machine, you're offered a basic selection of lawn mowing equipment to build the base of your lawn care empire

One of the few complaints I have is the lack of diversity with both the logos and colors available to you at the very beginning of the game but I will definitely stick to the story and see if that improves or see if there is a ranking system that improves what is available to you as the player, another thing would be (and it may be due to my stupidity because my lawn is aboutaficionado

Also be very careful when you mow other peoples yards because it is so damned easy to ruin Ruth's lavender patch while smooth by Santana is playing through your virtual bluetooth speaker as you perfect the art that is lawn care on a warm spring day, but just in case you're extremely cautious I'd suggest using the handheld trimmer (I don't remember what you call those things that have the two plastic ropes that can edge a lawn with extreme precision). I personally find this game to be a great way to kill time while keeping stress levels at a minimum unless you're a lawn care aficionado

Another impression that I have is that with the graphics of the game, you can almost feel the breeze of the summer day and almost smell the signature scent of freshly cut grass and in my opinion full immersion is vital for a simulator game to not only thrive with its fan base but also draw in new crowds looking for a change of pace with their selection of games they have on their hard drive. Now mind you that there are a few things to consider while playing and one is the recommended finish time for you speed runners out there, the very first map you begin with gives you 23 minutes to complete the whole lawn

Sounds easy right? Well ill just let you be the judge of that because when I first tried it I was a tiny bit overwhelmed by the size of the lawn and just how careful I needed to be to earn $250

All in all I definitely would recommend at least giving this game a shot while you enjoy your game pass membership and who knows? You may just find it just as addictive as I do

(8/10 for me)

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