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My First Craft Fair

These past 2 weekends was my first attempt at hosting a table at a craft fair, and what an amazing experience it was!!

After the first show, I felt like I had started to figure out what I loved about it and what I did completely wrong. While it would be easy to share a few photos and say "it was great!", I would like to lift the curtain a bit! It was one of the most influential and amazing experiences I had ever had, but just like everything there are always things that can be fixed or changed in order to make it an even better experience next time. From 8-10 AM the center was open and it was packed (at least in my opinion). I was shocked at the amount of people and the good energy. It was so exciting to be able to be a part of it. I really loved meeting the other vendors and seeing all the different crafts I hadn’t even thought of that was truly amazing, and I enjoyed seeing and meeting so many people who came out to support.

Now, you’re probably thinking this all sounds great, so did you experience any downfalls? Well, let me tell you there is definitely a few things that could have gone better paperwork and organization side ( like I said this is all new) and the only other thing was just the weather which you can’t control, I really feel like finding a new way to reach your audience is definitely the way to go, this way no matter what happens with the weather your customer base, and everyone person in the city has a new and even better way to reach them. That’s definitely something I want to do more of next time around, which I’m hoping is soon, as I stated before finding and meeting a new customer base each time, hearing all their stories, finding ideas on what people are looking for when describe something they can’t find, or when a little kid lights up because you have a baby snake that he can now make a pet.

Doing this with my boyfriend Kyron79, My brother in law, and my Mother in Law was definitely something that made the experience even better I don’t know that I could have done this without them, they are the brains and the beauty behind this just as much as myself if not more. The first Saturday October 22, was at a church, ( well they both were) and the beginning of the show was really

busy Just even people just walking by, then it started to downpour ( where I live this doesn’t happen very often lol) when this happened all the outdoor vendors left and people started driving home and we lost are entire business! This is where I was saying that having another way to reach people before they leave, I think would save me when we lost our customers, maybe not at first but eventually it would have. INVENTORY!! This was probably my biggest downfall and not the initial inventory that part was easy just the fact that once we sold something we wrote it down one way and the initial inventory was written down another way and if we gave out any discounts or combined totals for bigger orders it was written down a different way so uniformity definitely was a killer, but I think we found another bigger and better way to do inventory, which will allow all 4 partners to access it simultaneously in real time, which will make it a million times easier when we go to determine quotas and product availability and so on. All in all I really didn’t have too many negatives at all. It’s all a learning experience and each time we get better.

All in all I wouldn’t change this experience for anything, I encourage all of you even if it’s not a show to keep Krafting don’t ever disbelieve in all you are and even if you think people won’t like what you do give it a chance to get started, share your story, let your story be told thru Krafting! I will never forget this experience with Kyron79 and everyone else. I can't wait to do another one and see what new experiences and knowledge I can gain this time around!

And Remember in the words of Kyron79 Keep Krafting!!!

Kyrons 3D Kreations! Be safe out there this holiday season!

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