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Path to Twitch Partner

So I was doing some research and I'm going to post this information everywhere I think it can be relevant. If your goal is to become partnered on Twitch here are the the requirements.

1.) You must have completed the Twitch "Path to Affiliate" Achievement.

2.) You need to build a community and have about 75 active viewers on a regular basis.

3.) You must stream for an extended period of time on at least 12 different days within a month.

4.) You must stream for at least 25 hours within a month.

Once you complete "Path to Partner" Achievement, it'll unlock an "Apply" Button to submit an application. The application is a pretty simple form where it mainly asks for your Social Account to see how active/consistant those are. It's kind of like how we do it for entrance interviews to the team. If they deem you a right fit then you're gucci as the youngsters say.

To break this down, after you get Affiliate, You need to commit to streaming at least 3 times a week for 2hrs 10mins. That will get you, your 25hrs and 12days. The hard part is getting the 75 concurrent viewers. To achieve this you have to ask yourself, "Why should viewers come to my stream?" and "How do I get them to come back?" Our main advice for this situation is to create a streaming schedule and stick to it, be where you say you're going to be. Secondly review your VODs and critique yourself or ask for peer constructive criticism. Be open to different ideas and perspectives when asking for constructive criticism. Ensure that your "About Me" Tab on your profile is filled out and expressive of who you are as a streamer. A lot of viewers want to lurk you before they say hello in chat. The "About Me" Section is where you will give them a reason to say something. Networking is a major key point and that can be talked about in depth so I won't post all of the details here. Part of Networking is creating Social Accounts and ensure you are active and that your messaging is condusive with that of a professional content creator.

Now here's the kick in the teeth, If you're not able or willing to commit to doing at least these things, your journey to Twitch Partner ends after this post. You might need to change your goals for content creating. This is not a put down on anyones goals, as I myself cannot commit to these requirements so I had to adjust what I wanted out of being here. Now this post isn't all Doom and Gloom because if you are willing to make the commitment and put in the time then you're in the right place.

Being a part of the Shadow Pack Gaming community is a great place to start. We have a plethora of members that have knowledge, experience and willingness to share. Even more so if you decide to apply for Team Membership as you will have access to more in-depth tools, collaborating events, discount services and more. Now I didn't mean for this to end up being a recruiting post but more of a tribute to the SPG community members as a whole and to open the eyes of anyone shooting for that coveted Twitch Partnership. So on that note I wanted to thank all of you for being the best part of Shadow Pack Gaming, it's community. You can follow Sean Flac on

YouTube: PhatGuyFitness




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