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Rainbow Six: Extraction

Game Pass Game Review

First and foremost I'm not your average FPS player so I'm very selective when it comes to shooters that strike my fancy but when I got word of this game's arrival to GP I was not exactly sure what I was walking into. I should also say that I'm a huge fan of PvE shooter games such as Destiny, Halo (campaign/firefight modes) and Anthem off of the top of my head but there are others I can't think of at the moment. Luckily this game came out on one of my days off of work so I got to download and try it out with no urgency to rush through it. Let me say I was completely blindsided by not only the beauty of the introduction scene but the attention to detail that the developers gave to this game.

When you get past the introduction scene you start off with 3-4 rainbow six operators and the Devs thankfully do not send you out to the wolves right away as you won't be able to proceed without getting trained to deal with the threat that you will soon face. The experience is easy to understand so long as you are able to grasp the concept of stealth (I was not until I saw just how brutally aggressive the enemy is) and let me just say that the flood from Halo's storyline can't hold a candle to these nightmares called simply "the parasite". Caution must always be had as I had soon found out after passing my crash course into stealth combat and how to use the equipment to my utmost advantage.

Once I had gotten into the field the whole atmosphere was intense enough to be sliced with a knife and it wasn't long before myself and two other players had made contact with the parasite and I had severely underestimated just how dangerous these things were. I was eventually knocked down and incapacitated. What I had forgotten to mention was the safety precautions that our organization known as REACT had put in place in the event that we would fall in combat which was becoming completely covered head to toe in what I could simply describe as riot foam that hardens to protect you from infection by the parasite. Once that happens it is up to the surviving operators to pick you up and place you into a stasis pod for extraction, and if they fail to do that then the parasite will relocate you to their inner sanctum and place you on what I could describe as a Christmas tree from hell and then that operator will no longer be available for use

You'll then get two chances to either go in alone or with another team to attempt to bring your character back from the Christmas tree and to put it bluntly, will either be a walk in the park or the hardest fight for your life depending on how skilled you or your team is

As you progress in rank more operators will become available for you as well as more technology which admittedly does make the operations a lot easier until you progress further into your investigation into what caused all of this chaos.

All in all it is a very fun game to play either solo or with friends in my experience and I definitely see a bright future moving forward despite my hesitancy at first.

If I had to rate the game I'd give it a solid 8 out of 10

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