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Sean Flac is going Live!!

So after weeks of testing and tweaking, I'm now ready to officially announce I'm going live! You'll find me on Facebook Sunday 9pm PST and Mixer Wednesday 9pm PST. On Facebook, I'll be talking about what's new with me, some #dadlife topic and of course showcasing a homie. The plan is this will be the live recording of The Dad's Life Podcast and be available the next day in Podcast form but I'll have to do some more testing for that. On Mixer I'll be talking about Balance. Which will initially be Videogame Streaming and eventually IRL #phatguyfitness workouts. The workout will add an addition day of streaming, so the schedule will change and I'll go over that in more detail on tonight's Live FB Stream. (12-01-19). So tune in tonight to get all the details!

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