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Streamer Spotlight: GrimlockTheDino

Updated: May 31

Hey Dads, Moms and Gamers of all ages!! You might have heard me talk a little about GameZilla Media. If not it's probably the Best Network of Podcasts surrounding the gaming industry. If you still don't know what I'm talking about here's a link, Gamezilla Media. You're Welcome!! Anyway, Grimlock The Dino is the driving force behind said Network. I was introduced to the Podcast Network about 2 years ago. Grim has been on Mixer since Nov 2017 but he made the big streaming push late last year. He's pretty much a variety streamer as he streams all sorts of genres, single player, multi-player, MOBA, platformers etc. The main thing for his stream is that everyone has fun and feels included in the entertainment. You can see the hard work that he puts in off-stream as well as during the stream with his showmanship, production value and chat interactions. The following is a transcript of a chat we had in the GZM Discord July 2018, it was edited for the content of this write-up. I saved it because I knew one day I'd be writing any article on this guy and wanted to share with you a little insight to the streamer behind the camera.

"Sean Flac 2.0: We talked cars yesterday, what about your biking trips, let’s talk about those. What kind of bike do you have? #thegriminterview

Grimlock: Sure, I ride at least 3 days a week usually at my favorite trail called Tree Farm. It is a 10-mile loop through an old Christmas tree farm. Lots of technical log rides and decent elevation. I ride on a specialized Stumpjumper fsr alloy 27.5 MTB. I picked that up about 2 months ago and have out about 200 miles on it. Before that I rode a hard tail, custom built bike from my bike store days about 12 years ago. When I ride on the road long distance I have a GT Series 4.0 road bike. I head to the UP this weekend and will be riding up there and have some plans on a few relay races in the next couple of months.

Sean Flac 2.0: Wow I had no idea you were that heavy into biking. I have a Trek 7.0 Hybrid Road Bike that I use to clear my head. We used to go on family rides but after the babies that had to stop. Now it gets mainly used for exercise.

Grimlock: I was heavy into biking about 10-12 years ago when I worked at the bike shop but I fell out of it until recently when I needed a new way to exercise with low impact. I decided to pull my bike out and see if I still enjoyed it and feel back in love instantly. I look forward to riding for many years to come.

Sean Flac 2.0: What's one thing you would like new members of the discord such as myself to know about you that isn't commonly known? Well besides biking at this point.... Grimlock: Everyone knows me as a very passionate person. But I'm not sure they know why I live my life so open and free. I was born with a cleft palate and have been through roughly 30+ surgeries in my life. I grew up different from many others but always believed I could be and do whatever I wanted. I live by that every day and enjoy helping others realize they too can achieve anything they set out to accomplish. I never looked at my life as hard or unfair I used it to my advantage. I am unique and capable of anything. So, if you ever wonder why I push myself and others so hard and never seem to have down time now you understand that I enjoy being different and sharing it with the world. Showing the next generation that nothing will stop you except yourself. Leading by example is the best way I know and I enjoy every second of it.

Sean Flac 2.0: Wow! That's one hell of a way to look at life. Never seeing yourself at a disadvantage made it so you never saw an obstacle that you couldn't overcome. Now I see where you get your leadership ability from and why so many people support your GZM dream because you support theirs and push them to be better. Sean Flac 2.0: It was a great answer!

Sean Flac 2.0: Getting into GZM and we've talked about this extensively, but for all our readers on here What would be some good starting advice for someone that wants to get into content creating? Like video game streaming, YouTube Videos or even a podcast? Grimlock: To close off this mushy moment I thank everyone that is a part of GZM because almost exactly a year ago I found out about my heart issue. It threw me off my horse and was one of the first times I felt hopeless and at a disadvantage. Now a year later thanks to the amazing family and friends around me I have stood back up and learned to manage this new obstacle thanks to this community. This is why it has come full circle, I want us all to benefit from showing the world we are the best gaming community period. Yes, the content is good and fun but the community is top notch with the best people anyone could ask for. You all deserve this and when I get to see positive things happen to others I know I have achieved my goals of creating a community that helps each other and together are stronger than they could ever be alone.

Grimlock: The #1 thing about content creation is find a topic/subject that you are passionate about. Don't worry about if people will listen. There are so many people in this world that no matter what you talk about they will find you and if your passion is there and you take that content to another level because of the passion people will notice. Believe in what you are doing and then build around that belief.

Sean Flac 2.0: I totally agree with how great this community is!! For me it keeps me balanced with having to deal with adulting but still able to be involved in the gaming community. I always say that because it's true. Some days I want to just veg out in front of the game but I really can't right now. Through this community I'm able to keep in the know and interact with some really great gamers Sean Flac 2.0: And my final question as we close out #thegriminterview, I know you’re a Focus ST guy, but if money wasn't an object what would your dream car be and where in the world would you take it to drive, for example mine is a Nissan GTR and I would love to drive it on the Autobahn.

Grimlock: Wow dream car would be either a Audi R8 or a Ford GT and I would love to run them on the Le Mans track

Sean Flac 2.0: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Grimlock for his time this morning. I learned a lot more about you and why you do what you do, Thank You for sharing. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say, We appreciate you and the GZM team and everyone else that works behinds the scenes that we don't see work hard on all the content, merch, events and community building. Thank you for keeping me sane!!! And as you guys always say.... Till next time.......

Grimlock: GAME ON!!!"

Maybe about a year ago Grim, Spidey2KX and some friends came to town for a League of Legends Championships where I was able to meet Grim and Spidey in real life. It's always so cool to meet up with people for the first time yet feel like you've known them for a while.

When I decided I wanted to start streaming, it was Grim and the GZM community that helped set me up with advice and tech support. Even though I have a long road ahead in the streaming world I wouldn't be where I am without their support. So head on over to mixer.com/GrimlockTheDino smash the heart button, tell him Sean Flac sent you and until next time, as Grim says.... GAME ON!!!

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