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Streamer Spotlight: NutriaBuch

What's up Dads, Moms and Gamers of all ages!! We're back at it again with another Streamer Spotlight! One of the main things I love about the streaming community is it's diversity. You meet so many new people and depending on when you browse Mixer you might be watching someone that is on the other side of the world! Enter our next Streamer NutriaBuch, you can call her Alex or Nutria. Alex is from Austria and I accidentally came across her stream one morning. I usually with put the English only filter on while I browse mixer for new channels to watch but I guess this morning I didn't. I jumped into her chat and watched a bit, did the normal "Hello" and dropped some sparks. We were chatting back and forth then she started to speak, what I found out later, German. That kind of threw me off. She explained that she was getting back into streaming again and was debating on doing her stream in English or German. I thought that a very cool idea and would drop in occasionally to say Hi and see how the stream was going. I would use Google Translate to say things in German and she would respond in English. Most of her viewers speak and type in German but she was engaging and made sure I felt welcome as an English speaking viewer. I learned that she was a "newish" streamer and we got to talking about what gear we had and wanted to get for our rigs. As it turns out we follow the same YouTube people because we wanted to get the same gear!

Why does she deserve this month's Streamer Spotlight you may ask? She's an up and coming streamer that has an engaging and welcoming stream. She always pays attention to chat and interacts with everyone. She claims to be a noob but for a noob her stream is built out very well, her overlays are simple yet effective and she is constantly tweaking things to make her stream better. She agreed to a quick interview and I'll have her Social Media Links at the end of the interview!

SF: How long have you been streaming? What platform did you start on if not Mixer?

NB: I started streaming a long time ago, only with the Xbox Mixer app and my Kinect like 3 years ago. Then I had to pause the streaming because of school. I recently discovered it again because of the lockdown. and now I'm streaming again since April and I LOVE IT!

SF: What inspired you to start streaming?

NB:There was no real inspiration for me to be honest. I simply love gaming. I discovered the whole game scene through my brother when I was little. Then I saw that some people record themselves and put it on the internet. I found that very cool, with the whole prospect of building a brand around yourself! So then I thought why not make a brand out of myself and put myself out there! So I did it.

SF: What’s the best / worst parts of streaming?

NB: Best parts: It has to be that you can connect with different people around the world that you wouldn't normally meet in real life. Like Sean and I! And also I love the creative Part around streaming. I love designing things for my stream! Worst parts: Trolls lol. Of course there are always trolls in an online community. But some times things that they say can get in your head so you have to have aa little bit of mental strength and a good surrounding that will keep you happy and kick those trolls out of your stream. If you do not have those kind of people, don't be afraid to ban them yourself! IT'S YOUR STREAM, YOU SET YOUR RULES!

SF: What advice would you give a Noob streamer regarding equipment to buy

NB: Hm, this is a good question. First of all, Stream if you want to, equipment doesn't mean anything! If you wanna stream with your xbox and kinect, do it! But of course if you invest in something, here are some things: a) If you're playing on a console and want to stream it, get a capture card of some sorts. b) Audio is key! even before a camera. Get yourself a USB mic like a blue yeti, or even a guitar hero mic lol. amera is also a good thing to invest, get yourself a logitech C920, its a great starting camera! d) A second monitor is sooo helpful! For example I use an old one for Chat, Music etc.! e) LIGHTING! If you have a camera, get yourself some cheap lights from a hardware store and put some kind of dimming light into it! It works wonders, no need for expensive studio lighting.

SF: Is there anything extra you would like the world to know about you?

NB: I'm still thinking about that last one tho ...

She didn't come up with anything to add so I just wanted to add that she does her Stream in Both English and German!!

Don't forget to drop her a follow and tell her I sent you!!

Mixer: https://mixer.com/NutriaBuch

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nutriabuch_mixer/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NutriaBuch

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