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Streamer Spotlight: Player1Miggy

Continuing the Streamer Spotlight we have Player1Miggy. This streamer is what gave me the idea to bust out my green screen for streaming. One thing I love about #streamcommunity is that everyone is willing to help. At the time he was streaming Death Stranding by the legendary Hideo Kojima. From what I could tell about the game it was like how I feel about golf. I enjoy playing it but it's hard to watch. I kept watching his stream because of how great the game looked and how immersive the green screen drew you in. It was like you were playing the game yourself. I asked about his set-up and he shared how he was able to utilize a green screen in his limited streaming space to make it seem not so little.

He interacts with his chat fairly well and during co-streams no matter who gets the notification is always thanking viewers for spark, follows, host etc. Some interesting facts about Player1Miggy is he's a Christian, he loves to cook, is into Manga/Anime, and Gunpla Enthusiast (Gundam Model building) as well. I've started calling him MasterChefMiggy because of his love for cooking and I've urged him to do an IRL stream of one of his recipes. As of this writing you can catch him Tues-Thurs-Sat 7pm EST with flex days on Fri and Sun. He has been seen streaming Ark, Fortnite, Forza Horizon 4, The Forest and CoD: MW.

Check out Player1Miggy by clicking the link below and ask him when is he going to start a cooking stream?


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