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Streamer Spotlight: ROCKxURxFACE

Updated: Mar 2

The gaming community has drastically changed over the years. Streamers have turned what seemed like a child's endeavor to a multi-million dollar industry. With that power, gamers from across the world have created communities of inclusion, charity, generosity, positive vibes and all around good clean fun. Even if said game the community revolves around might be shooting each other in the face.

With that said let me introduce the first streamer I didn't know before hand, ROCKxURxFACE. So I first came across Rock's stream when a friend of mine was in her chat. I jumped in gave the stream a follow and left, it was late and I had to go to bed. Over the next few weeks I'd stop in and lurk, see what she was playing, see what was going on in chat. Then I took the big step and typed "Hey Rock!" and to my surprise she said her now classic line "Hey Sean, How are ya Darlin?". As of this screen shot she has over 5,000 followers and at the time she was streaming for about 85 viewers. I didn't expect a reaction at all but there it was. Now that's where the magic of her stream starts, right there in that interaction.

Every streamer knows the grind, you get only 30 secs, a min at best to capture that "Hello" and turn it into a concurrent viewer. And that "Hey Sean, How are ya Darlin?" was the hook. It kept me typing and watching the stream. I don't have a lot of free time to watch streams so I'd pop in once or twice a stream, drop some sparks said my hello and left. Over the course of doing so I'd notice the chat and then the vibe of the Rock Nation, I really liked what I was seeing. I started sticking around longer and chatted with some of the regulars. Sparks turned to Embers and Embers turned to Merch.

The best thing you'll find on Rock's stream is not only a great gamer/streamer but someone in, my opinion, that takes pride in the community they have built. She hook, line and sinkered (not a real word) me into her stream with the way she interacts with her teammates, the community and every time I'm just chilling in stream it's always positive.

I reached out to Rock on Instagram with some question for this write up, here's what she had to say.

1. How long have you been streaming? What platform did you start on if not Mixer?

I started streaming around June of 2018. I had a Twitch before Mixer but didn't start streaming until Mixer

2. What inspired you to start streaming?

Playing with Sparty on his sub days is the main reason I believe I started streaming.

3. What’s the best / worst parts of streaming?

Best part is meeting new people and gaining a family. Also helps with anxiety and depression, which I have both. Gaming is something I absolutely love to do as well. Worst part is when you rage and get burnt out. Sometimes you need that mental break

4. What advice would you give a Noob streamer regarding equipment to buy?

I can't cause I've had a lot of help and am computer illiterate. LMFAO!

5. Is there anything extra you would like the world to know about you?

All I can say is be yourself and stay true to it. Don't put on a face one place and a different in another, people will love you for who you are and if they don't... Fuck em

I'd like to thank Rock aka Nikki for taking time to answer these questions and for her contribution to the gaming/streaming industry by breaking the mold and negative stigma that surrounds it!

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My ROCKxURxFACE sticker chilling on the workstation!

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