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Streamer Spotlight: Spidey2kx

The gaming community has drastically changed over the years. Streamers have turned what seemed like a child's endeavor to a multi-million dollar industry. With that power, gamers from across the world have created communities of inclusion, charity, generosity, positive vibes and all around good clean fun. Even if said game the community revolves around might be shooting each other in the face.

Introduce my friend Spidey2kx. He's been streaming for some time now and is a major Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guy. You can catch him on stream by hitting the link below and smashing the heart button on his page. When you watch him in stream you'll find he's very persistent and focused on the objective at hand and he's more of a laid back player. I started CoD myself because I watched his stream. Co-streaming and playing on his team you'll find someone that's team oriented and wants to make sure everyone is having fun, regardless of win or lose. Lastly, knowing that CoD is a grind, he's always laughing and trying to keep morale up for himself and his teammates.

CoD is cross platform so no worries about what platform you're on. If you're worried about Mixer as a platform, you probably already have an account because Mixer is owned by Microsoft and you can log in with you MS credentials. CoD:MW as a game is fun to play Campaign as it's story is deep and visuals are jaw dropping. Multiplayer is a blast, maybe not at first but it ramps up and it's even better with a team. Looking for someone to team up with, this is your guy. Trust me you won't be disappointed. Click the link, sign in and smash the heart button. Hope to see you in the next stream!

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