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Strength and Honor: iTzM4x1Mu5

Updated: Jul 12

Welcome to my first Twitch Streamer Spotlight blog! Today we're speaking with iTzM4x1mU5 or as he likes to be called, Max. I was first introduced to Max by a mutual friend named KBKURIOUS77, who I talked about on one of my Podcast Episodes. You can find Max playing games like Destiny 2, Mafia 2, The Division 2, apparently he loves sequels, but where he really shines has got to be Forza Horizon 4. This is where my story starts.

I was cruising around the UK in my GTR when I hit a hard corner, my back end breaks loose and next thing I know I'm in the dirt. A random thought gets into my head to search Mixer for a drifter that can give me pointers on how to drift. If you are confused as to why I say Mixer see the previous blog post. I'm reminded that I was introduced to Max and that he was a drifter. I jumped into Max's streams and there he was drifting with his buddies, I asked if he could give me some pointers and boy did I get more than I was asking for. Not only did I get invited to the convoy but everyone in the convoy was down to teach the new guy how to drift. They pulled out all these different cars and asked what cars I had. Took me to a large circular area and we were all drifting. Well they were drifting I was more crashing and spinning out.

Max's driving skills are without a doubt some of the best in the game but where he really shines is in his community. You guys know I'm all about the communities and the folks that he has surrounding him are some of the best as well. They are all inclusive and help each other out on and off the track. The chats are always fun and most times you'll learn something because Max is always helping others by answering stream questions while streaming. Luckily I was able to catch up with him for a few questions and here's what he has to say.

SF: How long have you been streaming? What platform did you start on if not Twitch?

M: I've have been a "streamer" for the greater part of 3 years. I originally did start streaming on Twitch before Mixer had re-branded to Beam and I made the switch because as, like a lot of budding streamers at the time believed the market in twitch was a bit toxic. I tested the waters with Stream and found the platform to be more welcoming and less toxic. So I decided to put twitch on the back burner and concentrate on creating my community on Mixer SF: What inspired you to start streaming?

M: My entire life was turned upside down when due to health reasons I could not continue to provide for my family on my regular 9 to 5. As such I fell back on my first true love which was gaming and streaming became an option due to the fact of me being able to provide entertainment as well as build a community for like minded gamers and maybe in the process build some new relationships with my viewers and hopefully be successful enough to become self sufficient and reach my goal of providing for my family SF: What’s the best / worst parts of streaming?

M: Streaming on a whole Does have its ups and downs as when you're just beginning,it may be disheartening when you don't see you viewership numbers increasing or consistent. That is something that can test your decision however with a consistent scheduled broadcast viewers will come and hangout once a connection has been made and a relationship will begin to build. One of the best feelings is when you realize after all the hard work that you put in, your viewers begin to increase and your community begin to introduce more and more of their friends and your goal starts to come to fruition.

SF: What advice would you give a Noob streamer regarding equipment to buy?

M: This is a ticklish question as with anyone contemplating becoming a streamer or pursuing a career in streaming, I would advise the person to stream for a month on a schedule consistently, equipment wise I would recommend a good Gaming headset with a microphone to be able to interact and engage their viewers I would advise also to save their funds to be able to purchase additional equipment after the month if they decided to pursue the advancement of their streaming journey. If the do decide to continue on that journey both PC/Console streamer should ideally look towards acquiring a streaming pc with an Internal capture card. SF: Is there anything extra you would like the world to know about you personally or as a streamer?

M: Personally I have been one of those streamers that actually care about my community and try to help wherever I can. That being said I have always prided myself to provide the best or at least the best engagement that I can provide. I am what you call an Introvert and interacting with people face to face is a bit difficult for me. And having my ugly mug splashed all over the inter-webs is a constant test of my anxiety that goes with being an introvert.

Now you know if he's on the list then he's legit. When you jump in one of his streams you're going to find an engaging chat and some fun / inclusive game play. Not only that but as you can tell, streaming and gaming help as well. He's helped me with stream resources and advice and is always down to help where he can. Head over to his channel, hit the follow button and tell him Sean Flac 2.0 sent you! As always thank you for stopping in and as Max says...

Strength and Honor my friends!


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Till next time friends, I'm out!

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