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Suits: An interesting take on a Legal Drama.

How did I even fall onto this little gem of a show? Well as I’m waiting for new episodes to drop on all my other shows and there was a void that I needed to fill my time. I would see clips of Suits on Facebook and I wondered what it was. So I looked in up and found all 9 seasons on Amazon Prime. Currently I’m half way through Season 3 and I decided that it was good enough to write about.

Suits originally aired on the USA Network from 2011-2019. It stars Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres. The actual set-up of the show is really forced and I feel they really got lucky to get past a first season. So the premise of the show is a boy from the bronx with a photographic memory is hired as an associate for New York’s best lawyer.

At the start of the pilot Mike Ross played by Patrick J. Adams is making money by taking the LSATs (Law School Admission Test) for potential law students. Using his photographic memory makes it easy for him. He’s taking care of his grandmother and needs to come up with $25,000 dollars fast. He turns to his friend who sells drugs and agrees to be a mule for his next drop. In the mean time Harvey, played by Gabriel Macht, closes a deal by bluffing a client into following through with a deal the client wanted to renege on. After finding out that Harvey lied to the client, he’s punished by Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres the Managing Partner of the Law Firm. She has him head up recruiting new associates to the law firm hosted at a local hotel.

This is where the unlikely pair cross paths. Mike is tasked with meeting up with some buyers at the same hotel where Harvey is conducting new associate interviews. Mike soon finds out that the meet-up is actually a sting set-up buy the cops. Mike narrowly escapes and make his way to interview area where he poses as an interviewee and meets up with Harvey. This is where I felt the plot was forced. As they’re talking Mike’s briefcase comes open and all the weed falls out and now he has to explain this whole situation to Harvey. So instead of reporting him to the cops, Harvey decides to hire Mike and keep the fact that Mike never went to Law school and obtain his license to practice law.

Through seasons 1, 2 and partly through 3 they have to keep the secret while working together to close cases, negotiations multi-million dollar deals and fend off a corporate take-over. So far its been and entertaining show that has kept my interest in-between Star Wars: The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian. Harvey and Mike are okay characters but my favorite character is Louis Lit, played by Rick Hoffman. His character brings the comedic relief and is Harvey’s rival at the firm.

Suits ran for 9 seasons which I’m looking forward to watching all 9 of them and then a spin-off was created called “Pearson” focusing on Gina Torres’s Character Jessica Pearson that ran for 1 season before it was canceled. If that is on Amazon Prime I’ll be watching that as well. A few interesting facts I ran across while doing the research for this blog, Gina Torres played on Fire Fly and Serenity which I heard got rave reviews for Sci-Fi fans. And Gabriel Macht played The Spirit in the self titled movie directed by Frank Miller. So I’ll be checking those both out, now all I need to do is find out what else Rick Hoffman has played so I can enjoy more of his acting.

Suits, so far is a great little gem and all their seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime. If you like legal dramas, with some decent acting that has strong lead characters, check this show out. Click on the below to check it out in Amazon

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