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Team Enigma: The King Has Arrived

What's up guys! This week we welcome The King of Spades to the spotlight! This Streamer has got to be one of the hardest working community builders in the business. At the time of this writing I've had to step away from the streaming scene but I'm still a member of the House of Spades Discord server. Let me tell you that the activity from him and it's members are all about actively supporting each other. Before we get into this interview let me tell you about my first encounter with The King and why he's been brought to the spotlight!

I first met King on Mixer doing my usual browse around. I clicked into his stream and just lurked. When I finally chimed in he immediately welcomed me and as you guys know by now that is my main criteria for staying in a stream, chat interaction. I forget what game he was streaming but the chat was interacting with him and there was a good flow there. Suddenly there was a Spark Battle. What's a Spark battle you say? It was a Mixer (#ripmixer) thing where you could give earned currency to the streamer. You earned Sparks by watching streamers and for Mixer Partners it was a way to bonus for the month. Anyway I had close to a million sparks so dropped all of them in stream and won the battle. A day or so goes by and I get a message from King saying I won the weekly Sparks leader board and I had to pick something he had to do on video. Well I forget what I asked for but it was a fun little reward and I just kept coming back and hanging out. Through out the time on Mixer I learned about how he was a veteran and how he got his wife on board with the streaming idea. We exchanged ideas on some content creation and how to grow a community. He had only been streaming for a short while but had learned a lot and wanted to share his experiences with other streamers.

With the fall of Mixer he, like other streamers myself included, moved to Twitch and we're now dubbed #twixer streamers. He uprooted The House of Spades community and planted it dead center into Twitch and hit the ground running. I would have to say his transition was like no others I've seen. No emotional outburst just a "Okay Mixer I'm out and Hello Twitch!" He set-up his stream like he's been streaming on Twitch the whole time. At least that's how I saw it happen. The Spades fam and him hit the ground running faster then what I experienced on Mixer. More networking, more shared ideas, more shout outs, more support and then came the creation of Team Enigma.

Just like it's namesake Team Enigma's creation was mysterious, puzzling and difficult to understand. It came out of no where with a full blown hierarchy and it's sole purpose is to actively support each team member. For me this was my first time I'd seen something like this, it's a very ambitious endeavor that holds each member responsible for the success of the team as a whole. The whole Herb Brooks get down: "When you pull on that jersey, you represent yourself and your teammates. And the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back! Get that through your head!" I'm proud to say I'm one of the newest members of Team Enigma!

Without further a due let's get down to the interview:

SF: How long have you been streaming? What platform did you start on if not Twitch?

KoS: I have been streaming for 7 months. I started on mixer.

SF: What inspired you to start streaming?

KoS: Honestly I heard you could make money playing video games.

SF: What’s the best / worst parts of streaming?

KoS: The best part of streaming has become the amount of people that I meet everyday doing this. And the amount of people I have been able to support. The worst is the drama.

SF: What advice would you give a Noob streamer regarding equipment to buy?

KoS: Buy a console, a laptop, and a capture card. That will take care of the basics for now.

SF: Is there anything extra you would like the world to know about you personally or as a streamer?

KoS: I do what I do now, because I am building a community that will thrive on its own. I want to help people in every sense achieve their goals. That's become my job.

You can find King currently streaming Fable, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Call of Duty: MW, and a bunch of family friendly games such as Uno and Monopoly. He is very welcoming in his stream and takes on a lot as the head of the House of Spades community and Team Enigma. His success encompasses the success of those around him and the support from The Queen, we'll catch up with her soon. Till then head over to King's Channel with the link below and don't forget to tell him Sean Flac sent you!


For any questions, comments or emotional outburst, Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter: @seanflac. I'm also a PT Streamer on Twitch but have currently taken a step back from an active streaming schedule. You can still find me randomly on Twitch Just Chatting so drop in and say "Hi" and smash the heart button! https://www.twitch.tv/seanflac Till next time friends, I'm out!

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