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The Migration to Twitch!!

Wow, what can I say, the streaming world has been turned upside down. With new allegations of racial incidents at Mixer HQ, the squandering millions of dollars, and a small market share, out of the blue Mixer announces through a tweet that they are merging Mixer with Facebook gaming. Obviously this news has rocked many partners and non-partner streamers alike. Some streamers have put years into creating content for the streaming service. They've spent hours, days, months building out overlays, alerts, bot commands, and that goes beyond actually streaming. Initially with this news they, including myself, feel like that hard work was thrown to the wayside. I'm not at Mixer HQ but from what I've read and after talking to some fellow streamers it's my belief that this migration was already in the making but the news of racist management and the way the situation was handled forced this expeditious and unexpected move. I believe the last day Mixer will be live is July 22. As soon as the news broke, emotions flared. I thought it was joke, I'd seen people lose it during stream, so many ranges of emotions. Those emotions have come and gone, almost immediately the community was a buzz of where everyone was going. Were they headed to Mixer/FB Gaming, Twitch, YouTube, Trovo, Caffeine? That was the main question, where are we going? The answer was fairly easy for me, I was going to back to where I started, Twitch. I started watching streamers and a podcast that was broadcast there. I started building out a channel just for fun. The main reason I decided to dust off the channel and head back to Twitch is because I stream more than just gaming. Not taking away from the other platforms but for me it's just a better fit. I'm active in about 4-5 discords and everyone was migrating to Twitch as well so the more the merrier!

Here we are, starting from the ground up but not really. We bring our own communities with us and our own networks. We bring new viewers and old viewers alike. We're not truly starting from the bottom because we bring the experience of streaming on Mixer. We bring the many hours that were spent on overlays, alerts and bot commands. Those long days were not wasted but have prepared us for our next chapter. We bring content that will enrich whatever platform we decide to go to but for now watch out Twitch, we've arrived and we're here to leave our mark!

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