• Sean Flac


What up Dads! We recently took an opportunity to move into a bigger house. What an exciting experience for us as the current house was getting a little cramped. As I was doing the final clean-up and walk-through of the place a rush of emotions came over me. We spent the last 5 1/2 years in this home and are a completely different family leaving it than we were moving in. It started with me, the wife, the boy and 2 cats. We leave with me, the wife, the boy, the baby boy, the baby girl and 2 cats. We would have left with a dog too but due to some complications we had to re-home her. Nalu is living her best life on a ranch but we still miss her.

I took this time to reflect back on where we were and where we came from. The wife and I have worked hard in building what we have and this house was the home base of it all. We created so many memories here, planted roots, became used to having caring neighbors, and all the conveniences that came with the location. I'm very grateful for it and what it did for our family. For me, over time the house became organic, we got know all of it's ins and outs. We knew which doors slammed hard, how the to position the fan for a good cross breeze, which floor boards not to step on when you didn't want to wake the kids. When little things broke we fixed it, kind of like putting a band-aid on your kid's skid knee. Our daily routine revolved around the layout and quirks of this place. This was more than a house, it was a home. This home was the place of many memories and even though there was "Thunder in Paradise", I wouldn't exchange them for anything.

As we move to from one chapter to the next I want to leave this house with a message. THANK YOU! Thank you for all the times you protected us from the extreme heat, not so often bone chilling cold and fence toppling wind. Thank you for giving us a place to gather for birthdays and celebrations. Thank you for keeping us secure as we lay down to sleep. Thank you for providing a place to keep our trinkets. You were baby boy and baby girl's first home, you were a place where the big boy hung his first JROTC uniform and you provided a space for the wife and I to learn and grow. I hope that we did for you as much as you did for us. It might sound crazy to thank an inanimate object but as you get older you start to appreciate things differently. I will say that you deserve a better owner than you have and I hope the next family you provide for will appreciate you as much as we have.

The wife and mother-in-law cleaned the upstairs a few days prior. I came back to do the final walk-through and picked up all the items that were left. I took pride in this final cleaning but felt kind of sad while doing it as it was going to be the last thing I did for this house. The final Thank You I could give. A few things I want to leave with you guys is this. Have that attitude of gratitude, appreciate all things not matter how small or insignificant. Even in the worst situations you can find a blessing, all you have to do is have the attitude to look for it. If nothing else you can show your appreciation by leaving it in better condition than when you got there. No matter what it is, a house, a relationship, if it helped you learn and grow, appreciate it, even if the journey was filled with twist and turns.

Till the next one, THANK YOU!


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