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I want to start this by saying that I may have not heard about this one for who knows how long if Elf__daddy hadn’t posted a Gorillaz video featuring Thundercat into Discord. I was standing there watching this video when I saw this guy playing a bass, and I was immediately intrigued.

My first impression was “oh this is another cat trying to be like ol’ Nile Rogers in the Daft Punk Get Lucky song/video”. Then I started thinking about it. Nile Rogers is an awesome guitar player, maybe I really should check this guy out.

While it didn’t take long to figure out why Nile sounded familiar, Thundercat took a little longer for me to get used to, but I totally did. Of course the new Gorillaz song helped me to get an idea of what to expect, but there was a different side to explore. NPR did, in my opinion, the best interview of him, and even that only covers part of who is to be explored.

It may not be the easiest thing I’ve asked of you, but it’s totally do-able.Just listen to some of the

music by Thundercat and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Dragonball Durag was the first song I ran into checking him out. While not normally what I would listen to it is actually really well done, and in my opinion freaking hilarious. Them Changes and Show You The Way were both also really good. These are just a few, but as I kept listening to songs either by him or featuring him on Spotify, I don’t think I ever got bored.

If you have seen the newest Minions movie (Rise of Gru) he has a song on that soundtrack too. It is a cover of Steve Miller Band’s Fly Like An Eagle. That is a super stellar song on its own, but I really like Thundercat’s own take on it too. I don’t really have much else to get into about this musician I’ve recently discovered, but I urge anyone and everyone to go check him out. You may not be into his style of music, but if you’re like me and just appreciate musical talent whether you like it or not, I think you’ll like this.

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