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Trayvax "Original" Wallet: A Love/Hate Relationship

So I finally broke down and got a Trayvax Wallet, I've worked with this product for about a week now and wanted to share my final thoughts on it.

So according to their website Trayvax was started by founder Mark King in 2013. It's mission was to cut down on plastic bag waste. Click the link to learn more about their history and mission. What attracted me to this company in the first place was their products were "Made in USA" and their unique design and colors they initially came out with. I'd been putting off picking one up because I still had a perfectly good wallet. Since then I'd had a couple of run-ins with the wallet in it's different designs. Since I liked their FB page I'd get their promo adds, so I was always in the loop for all of their wallets. A few friends had the "Element" or the "Original", so I was able to check them out first hand. Recently my wallet torn at the seams and now it was time to get a new one. I headed over to the Trayvax website and looked over all the designs. I chose the "Original" because I loved the color and the price was right up my alley.

I currently carry about 5-7 different cards including a key card for work and about 3-5 bills at any given time. Let's start with what I love about the wallet. I love it's build and the materials it's made out of. The thin profiled design makes it easy to slide into your font pocket. The integrated bottle opener allowed me to remove the one I had on my key ring. Of course I love the color and this is where the love/hate relationship starts. As much as I love it, it's not perfect.

With every product there are going to be flaws, for me there are only two but they are kind of major. Like I said earlier I carry about 5-7 cards, since they are stacked, shuffling to find the correct card is difficult. Maybe I need more practice with it but I'm finding myself pulling out multiple cards to get to the right one. Secondly, I do carry cash so with a traditional wallet you can just stuff the bills into the bill slot. With the Trayvax you have to take time to triple fold your bills and stuff them under the strap. If you got your hands full you just have to stuff everything in your pockets and then fold the bills later.

Even with it's flaws, the Trayvax still an awesome product. The design and the build are extremely unique for a wallet, the integrated bottle opener is a plus. I'm sure I'll get use to shuffling my cards correctly so I guess the only minus I have is the way the cash is stored. So if that is the only real flaw for me, I can live with it. Lastly, the fact that it is "Made in USA" only makes me want to support this company even more. Check out their website for this model and others like it, It's definitely a product and a company I would recommend. If you have one let me know what you like/dislike about it or maybe have questions for me about this product please leave a comment below.

Thank you for stopping by and I'll see you soon...


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