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Welcome to My Dad Life

Welcome to My Dad Life!!

For the past 3 years I've been writing blogs and creating YouTube videos trying to find my balance between chasing my dream, work and family. This past year I started The Dad's Life Podcast, opened an on-line Etsy store called "Odascals" and started Video Game streaming. My dream was to always produce and direct my own movie and I have felt that in a way I'm still chasing that dream by writing and producing on-line content. Maybe one day I'll get my chance but until then, family first. Be the best Dad/Husband I can be and ensure my family has everything they need. So with that I'm proud to re-launch my website

Here you'll find the Blog, YouTube, Instagram, Podcast and Odascals as well links to Facebook, Twitter, Mixer, Discord and Patreon. My #dadlife community was created for Dads and Moms of all levels to communicate and share best practices of what it means to be a good parent. The content isn't all about parenting but also what we need to be good parents... BALANCE! All the content produced is influenced by the readers, listeners, subscribers and followers. It's all very interactive so head over connect with me on your preferred platform and let's enjoy the adventure together!

Welcome to MY #DADLIFE!

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