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Welcome to The Fizz: JinxUOweMeASoda

This week we welcome JinxUOweMeASoda to the Spotlight! There is so much to say when I think of Jinx. Out of all the streamers I try to keep up with I'd have to say that he streams the most variety. I first met Jinx on Mixer, so yes he's a #twixer streamer. I came across his stream while browsing IRL stuff. He was working on a stinger, that's a scene transition for you non streamers out there. I did my usual and dropped the "Wassup" in chat and he immediately responded, FTL was awesome #ripmixer. He was explaining what he was doing and getting feed back from chat about it. It was nice interaction, then I noticed someone in chat was Level 99, which meant that he/she must have spent a lot of time watching Jinx. So I asked them, I believe it was Kamoola21, what makes Jinx such a great streamer. I saw Jinx's reaction to the question which made me chuckle a little. "How does this new guy just come into chat and bust out a question like that." Well apparently Kamoola was typing an essay and others chimed in and talked Jinx up, Jinx himself made a comment about being a little nervous because Kamoola was taking some time to respond. Kamoola's response was so long that it exceeded the Mixer chat limit and erased itself! I thought that was pretty funny so I decided to smash the heart button.

Often I'd see Jinx stream and when I mean variety, I mean variety. I've seen him host friends during a cooking night, watched behind the scenes Overlay making, had the pleasure of gaming with him and some of his friends, and I think one time he was streaming from the car! Don't try that at home kids! Needless to say Jinx's streams are always fun to watch and he interacts extremely well with his chat. He takes you on a behind the scene journey of what streamer life is about. And it not just about fast paced intense game play 24/7, he showcases the behind the scenes work and community building along with fast paced intense game play! I was able to catch up with him this past week and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions.

SF: How long have you been streaming? What platform did you start on if not Twitch?

JX: I have been streaming seriously for about a year! I started on Mixer and built an incredible community that I was fortunate enough to bring over to Twitch with me and really hit the ground running.

SF: What inspired you to start streaming?

JX: My first stream occurred just because one of my good friends wanted to watch me play a game. That first stream had quite a few views and a lot of encouragement that I should actually commit to streaming. While it took me a awhile to start taking it seriously, the encouragement and positivity that I could bring to the streaming world was a huge motivation and being able to provide a place for people to escape to and have a great time regardless of outside factors has always been my inspiration.

SF: What’s the best / worst parts of streaming?

JX: The people and the communities you grow and become apart of are 100% the best part of streaming. I have met a plethora of amazing people through streaming that I would have never had the chance to meet anywhere else. The worst part is probably more dependent on the individual streamer. For me, the worst part is witnessing other streamers give up. I have been down at the bottom, no viewers, no chat, so I know how hard that can be. That is why I invest most of my time off stream to helping other people grow and better their own channels.

SF: What advice would you give a Noob streamer regarding equipment to buy?

JX: Don't spend too much money at the start. You don't need a bunch of fancy equipment to have a fantastic stream. Before you start investing large sums into your stream make sure that this is truly what you want to do. Grow your audience a little bit first. You will start off very slow, everyone does. However if you have invested a couple thousand dollars into starting your stream, the slow start hurts a little more than it would normally. Get a good webcam, and usb mic, and that's all you will need for a long time.

SF: Is there anything extra you would like the world to know about you personally or as a streamer?

JX: I LOVE to help people out. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want someone to check out your stuff. I am your guy! We have a fantastic community of viewers and streamers and we all want to see everyone succeed! I believe in you and I would love to be apart of your streaming journey!

If you're like me and you're looking for a great streamer that takes pride in community building, you're going to love Jinx. He surrounds himself with some positive folks that have the same attitude toward streaming as he does. As you know I love showcasing streamers that do a service to the streaming / gaming industry in general and you won't be disappointed if you head over to his channel and smash that heart button! Don't forget to tell him Sean Flac sent you!


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