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"Life is a Battle, Be Battle Fit": Battle Fit Gym Review

I've been with Battle Fit Gym for about 2 months now and I wanted to wait until I really got a feel for the gym before I did a review. We have a few choices of gyms in town but I joined BFG because I enjoy boxing/kickboxing style workouts. I feel they're more engaging and help with my stress relief. (I like hitting things.) The main thing I love about the gym itself is the flexibility of the programs. They have AM and PM adult classes, Classes for Pee Wees (4-10yo), Teens (11-17yo) and Seniors(60+). Additionally if class times don't work for your schedule, you get access to a fully-equipped gym, that include heavy bags, free weights, tires, kettlebells etc.

If you’re in the Brentwood/Oakley Ca area and looking to join a gym, give Battle FIT GYM your full consideration. They provide a fully equipped gym experience with the added Boxing/Kickboxing fun. Oh and they also have a cool guy on their latest digital poster! That’s me, I’m the cool guy! But for real the staff is fun and friendly, the group workouts look fun/deadly but my number one thing is, I always feel like I belong there every time I walk in the door. For many of us “plus size” models the gym is an intimidating place to be but all the staff and members I have come across have all been welcoming, supportive and positive. So come check them out, visit their website or give them a call! Hope to see you at the gym!

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