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Why I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer.

You might be asking yourself, "Why exactly is an overweight, diabetic, cheeseburger eating, "Plus Size" model wants to be a personal trainer?" Well the short answer is, So I won't be an overweight diabetic. I'll still eat cheeseburgers and be sexy AF but that's beside the point. All joking aside, it started off with representation or the lack there of. If you look at all the fitness videos, magazines or books, they're filled with in-shape people that can do a million push-ups or go full tilt on cardio workouts for hours. You have fitness celebrities like Shawn-T, Jillian Michael or the P-90x guy, that have hours of energy. Getting fit in itself is already a hard hill to climb without all this anxiety and stress added from all the media. I've tried and failed at a lot of celebrity workout programs and fad diets over the years and those failures have taken their toll on me.

I fell into the rut of not thinking I could lose the weight and get more healthy. It was making me upset that there weren't many fitness professionals that looked like me. That would help design a program that had me or someone like me in mind. We have to go see specialist or doctors, we don't get the celebrity treatment. Now before you roast me, I get that people who start off big and get fit no longer will look like me but you'll never see those people become fitness professional. Let alone celebrity fitness professionals that would help

bring awareness or true empathy to others that struggle to get healthy.

So one day I came up with this idea that if I don't see the representation that would help motivate me then why don't I just become it. That's where the idea of Sean Flac CPT became a reality. I would educate myself, earn my certification, apply the knowledge to myself and when I became confident in my new skills, I'd work with clients that struggle with the same issues I had. My niche would be that I would train with the experience of being overweight. I could relate to all the mental / physical blocks and have greater understanding of the situa

tion which would make me more patient and truly empathetic. So as of this writing I'm currently finishing up my CPT coarse and have already started applying what I've learned at the gym.

This is not going to be an overnight endeavor so stick around for the journey. I hope this shed some light on why I decided to become a CPT and I hope that I can inspire others to get into the gym and make some lifestyle changes as well.

Till the next post, Peace Out

Sean Flac

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