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Why I left PlayStation for the Xbox!

Hey guys, so here's the situation. It's late at night and everyone is asleep. The dishes are done and the floors are mopped. The dog is snoring, I think she needs a C-Pap machine, anyway the hole house is fairly quiet. Then out of nowhere you hear it... three high pitched beeps coming from the front room. You go to investigate and you don't see anything. You think nothing of it, so you go back into the kitchen. After a few minutes you hear it again. So now you're like "What the hell is that?". It's not the fire alarm, so you go to the front room, sit there and wait. Another few minutes go by and it goes off again but this time you notice it was from behind the TV. So you cautiously look behind the TV and what do you find... your PlayStation!! It's ominously glowing, you hear the fan humming along and then... BEEP BEEP BEEP!

For for those that don't know what those beeps are, it's the system trying to eject a disc. Or when a system thinks there is something to eject in the disc bay. Well there wasn't anything in there and it kept beeping for days. I jumped on to the Discord and talked to my GZM buddies. Between them and Google, I tried to troubleshoot it, it would go away for a few days then come back. The wife kept mentioning it so I was going to just replace it. This is where I took a step back and thought maybe this would be a good time to switch platforms. I wasn't really gaming anymore so the system was being used to stream YouTube and Netflix to the kids room. The only games I really wanted to play were cross platform or only on the XBOX. (Gears 4 & 5 and Forza Horizon) So I talked to the wife and got the green light to swap out all my PS4 stuff for Xbox stuff. You got to get the green light from the wife if you're married. #husbandprotip

After doing some research I figured out what I wanted to get, gathered everything and went to Game Stop. They didn't have the system I wanted so I ended up with an Xbox One S 1TB, Mine Craft Bundle. With all the Trade in Credit + Bonuses, I basically got an even exchange for a brand new the system. I know a lot of you hate Game Stop but since I used to work there so I do enjoy going in and checking out stuff, that's neither here nor there. So basically when the system was on it's last leg I took that opportunity to jump ship and return to the "dark side". Mind you I had an Xbox 360 and once they announced the Xbox One I traded it in with the intention of getting a Xbox One sooner than later but of course I have kids so that didn't happen until now. Lastly, Gears of War 2 is what got me online gaming, so all I really did was return home.

A lot has changed since I owned an Xbox so there is a little bit of a learning curve. I'll talk about the details of what I like and don't like about the new Xbox ONE experience in a future Podcast episode so stay tuned for that. Let me know if you think I made a mistake or did I choose the better console, what you love about your gaming console or maybe you PC game in the comments below. You can Sign In and leave a comment or continue the conversation on Discord I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. As always thank you for your support and look to some cool gaming announcements in the future.

~Sean Flac

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