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Work Work Work...

Syke!! All work and no play will drive you over the edge. I unfortunately am extremely guilty of working too much!! So once in a while you just have to go!! So for our family trip, the Wicked Wahine and I took the kids to Destin Florida!!

The View from our Condo!! <3

The trip was amazing!! So much so that we decided to go back for our 5th year anniversary. I've never been to Florida before, the wife has been before with my mother-in-law but this was both of our first time to this area. The first thing I noticed was the mild weather, I was expecting it to be very humid and gross. It was humid but not to the point of yuck! We flew into VPS which a small regional airport. It was actually really nice. We got our rental and were quickly off to our condo.

Once we got to our condo we quickly settled in and then ran to Target to get our supplies. This was the first time I've stayed in a condo on vacation and from now on that's the way we're going to travel with the kids. For me the clutch amenity was the washer and dryer!! Especially when the baby would puke up on everything. You heard that right, not spit up but puke up!! It got all over the place.

I'm not going to go into every detail in the blog but the trip was full of Family, Friends and Food!! Oh God the Foooood.... The food was off the hook. Some places we don't have to go back to but in particular there were 2 restaurants we ate at and I'll be making a quick video about those places so stay tuned for that.

This is just a sample of some of the food, the best part comes next!!

Everyone in Destin was great, all the Locals were open to questions and were excited to talk about their town. We even met someone from Lathrop who was in the process of joining the Air Force. The best part was meeting with friends and family. The Wicked Wahine met up with her friend Julie, the in-laws drove up 6 hours to visit us and I was able to meet a long lost cousin!! Just a great experience in a beautiful place.

The only downside was the plane ride due to the baby being fussy. Buddah loved the plane ride as it was the first plane ride he didn't sleep through. If you get a chance to visit this place, Destin Florida, It has great beaches, great people and great food!! Can't wait to go back!!

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