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YouTube > Twitch?

I’ve noticed a current “trend” in the people switching over from Twitch to YouTube and can’t help but wonder to myself, is YouTube better than Twitch? Now, this question is really more of a personal opinion but there are also multiple ways of looking at this scenario. While Twitch has the one thing that it does really well, YouTube has several different things that it has to offer, but which one is better for you?

So if you’re streaming on Twitch and that’s what you love to do then you’ve most likely already made yourself a home on the platform and have designed it to be your own personal space where people come to hang out with you and enjoy your company. If this is you then that is fantastic and I personally wish you and everyone in your community the best. I’m still working on mine but the numbers out there are ridiculous (in a good way, somewhat). I honestly wish I would have been more serious about it a long time ago, but I digress.

I feel that Twitch has a lot to offer with community, plugins, and compatibility, but apparently can be kind of lacking when it comes to monetization and (if I’m being totally honest) treating Partners equally/fairly. These are issues that I haven’t grown enough to see yet, but when looking at others I have noticed. It seems that if you value someone enough to allow them to be a Partner, then you would hold them with the same regards that you do any of the other Partners. I understand that there is probably a pretty sizable difference in the lower end (or entry level) of the Partner program and the people at the top but they are still part of the same team, in the same program, and working just as hard to be where they are and deserve just as much appreciation as a Partner.

YouTube I’m not as familiar with as far as specific details, but I feel like I know enough to get my point across here. I do know that the way YouTube monetizes is different, but honestly the point of my comparison has little to do with monetization. The thing I find neat about YouTube is their options and layout. You can upload full length videos, shorts, or you can live stream. You can cut clips from your videos which is neat, but you can also just upload shorts if you want to but the option is yours. During the live stream you have the chat feature which is nice, but also you have comments for videos uploaded that people can continue to interact with as long as allowed which in my opinion adds to the creator/viewer interaction.

So here’s the kicker. I never had any intention of stating whether I think YouTube or Twitch is better. I feel like they are both great in their own way. YouTube is great in that you can make a video and edit it to your heart’s content and upload it for everyone to go watch time and time again. Twitch is a great place to spend time with an audience, much like a game show or talk show would be (maybe a bit more interactive). You can communicate with people watching you in real time (or very close to it). After you stream you can upload your VOD to YouTube, or if you prefer you can cut clips/highlights from your main VOD and post any/all of those to YouTube. Heck if you really wanted to you could stream to both YouTube and Twitch at the same time! The only issue with that is the latency from streaming from one device to a service that then streams from there to multiple other places.

So while I personally don’t think one is better than the other for content creators, I believe that they can work great when used together in different ways. If you are determined to only be on one platform, then it would really depend on exactly what it is you’re looking to do that would determine where you would want to be. If streaming is the only thing you care about then Twitch is for you (although you could do that on YouTube too), but if you want to play around with videos before posting or want to have yet another place to keep your fancy Tik Tok videos then YouTube would most likely be where you want to be.

Either way you go though, we wish you the best in your journey.

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